Name: Jeff McKenna
Age: 70
Birthday: January 19th
Wife: Cory, 30 years

College: Cal Tech, UCLA, Utah State
Major: Mathematics

Jeff has had a mixed relationship with high level education. He had Richard Feynman for a professor at Cal Tech. And he took 9 years to obtain a BA from UCLA! He has no university level training in software and has taught courses at that level. He also took pre-vet courses at Utah State.

Other Interests:

Theoretical physics
Car racing

Cory and Jeff in Portland

Jeff has lived a rather varied ‘life-style’. Early on he dove into software and that thread has continued his entire life. He has traveled a great deal from when he was 19 years old. While maintaining a career in software he has also taken time for other interests. He spent two years in Bolivia in the Peace Corp helping with agriculture development. He was a minister in a ‘new-age’ church in California and Colorado. Cory and Jeff have spent over 30 years together experiencing the world of relationships including children and grandchildren. Recently Jeff and Cory have been exploring consciousness using the techniques of the Diamond Approach.